Apple live blog: iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iOS 7

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Read on for our live blog.

  • Now for some battery talk...
  • Now Schiller is talking about the M7 Motion co-processor. It continuously measures motion data; has an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass built-in, which will (according to Apple) enable a new-generation of fitness apps. 
  • Donald Mustard, co-founder of Chair Entertainment, is now on stage to show the iPhone 5s some love. He reckons it's five times faster than the iPhone 5. 
  • iPhone 5s also runs OpenGL ES (the standard for embedded, accelerated graphics). 
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  • Chart behind Schiller now shows a CPU performance curve, plotting how the different iPhone generations fare. iPhone 5s is king of the chart, boasting a CPU performance that's 40 times faster. It also boasts a graphics chip that's 56 times faster. (We're not entirely sure from the chart at stage whether that's over the original iPhone or iPhone 5)
  • 64-bit apps will be launched for iOS. 
  • Now let's talk tech! The architecture is desktop-class; with a modern instruction set; 2x general purpose registers; 2x floating-point registers; more than one billion transistors; 102mm (squared) die size. 
  • It'll have a 64-bit chip (the Apple A7 to be precise). Making it a smartphone world-first, Apple claims. 
  • Looks like a metal casing and three colours: black/grey, gold and silver. Less funky than the iPhone 5c's colouring, but perhaps better-suited to corporate types. 
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