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Twitter to trial reply blocking tools

The company's own product manager is concerned the move could encourage the spread of disinformation
9 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

Tech firms lobby EU over harmful content liability

Companies are desperate to avoid the sanctions for failing to remove content but admit some oversight is needed
7 Jan 2020
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Facebook bans deepfakes ahead of US election

New guidelines might not cover the misleading viral video of Nancy Pelosi
7 Jan 2020
Twitter logo with security pictures
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Businesses should act fast during upcoming Twitter purge

Twitter is freeing up dormant accounts, with hugely valuable handles available to the fastest fingers
27 Nov 2019
social media

Can Wikipedia founder's social network really challenge Facebook?

Jimmy Wales has high hopes for WT:Social, but it's going to take a miracle for it to work
19 Nov 2019
Marketing & comms

Twitter bans political advertising from its platform

CEO says AI-based micro-targeting and misinformation are threats to civil discourse
31 Oct 2019

Libra will make Facebook money through adverts

Zuckerberg says ad space will be awarded to the highest bidder, potentially raising the cost of online advertisement
24 Oct 2019
social media

Facebook justice fills the gap left by police

Crime fighting is growing on social media, but it brings dangers
23 Sep 2019
LinkedIn on a mobile device
social media

How to use LinkedIn for business (and the benefits)

We explain how to improve your company and individual profiles on LinkedIn
12 Jul 2019

The biggest threat to your privacy is you

We're far too careless with our own personal data, especially on the Tube
29 Jun 2019
flexible working

The reality of working from home isn't on Instagram

Instagram isn't even good for shopping and home decorating, it turns out
22 Jun 2019
Facebook web page
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How to delete a Facebook business page

Follow these steps to erase your Facebook page if it's a duplicate, out of date or inaccessible
14 Jun 2019
social media

How a social media network could bring down your business

Employees are devoting more than three hours per week to sites proven to be hotbeds of malware
26 Apr 2019
Facebook mobile app
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NZ privacy commissioner calls Facebook "morally bankrupt"

John Edwards calls out Facebook CEO for dismissal of live stream time delays over hateful content
8 Apr 2019
Megaphone illustration surrounded by four people icons on a purple and blue background
social media

Developing your social media voice and following

Learn how to hone a voice that's in line with your brand's tone and goals
2 Apr 2019
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social media marketing

Choosing your social media content

The audience for each platform goes to each site for different content. Here's a closer look at each one.
27 Mar 2019
social media
social media marketing

Choosing the right social media platform

Used correctly, social media can be an effective tool for communicating with prospective and loyal customers
18 Mar 2019
Mark Zuckerberg on stage
social media

Facebook in chaos as criminal probe follows mass outage

Botched server configuration takes down Facebook's family of apps as the social network faces a criminal investigation
15 Mar 2019
Twitter logo on mobile phone

How to use Twitter analytics: start sharing like the pros

Here’s how to make the most of Twitter’s data analysis tools - and why you need to
21 Feb 2019
Sheryl Sandberg with hands up
social media

Facebook to help protect EU elections

The social network to work with governments to root out misinformation and interference
21 Jan 2019
Rocket blasting off to Mars
social media

Musk can take us to Mars, but only if he gets off Twitter

Inflammatory tweets have tarnished his reputation, but Musk can still send us to other worlds
17 Dec 2018
Policy & legislation

MPs make fresh attempt to question Mark Zuckerberg

UK and Canadian MPs join forces in this latest attempt as Facebook's CEO is invited to appear before an ‘international grand committee’
1 Nov 2018
Zuckerberg on a chair at a conference
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Facebook investors call for Zuckerberg to step down

Yet Zuckerberg's majority position makes the attempt largely symbolic
18 Oct 2018