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Microsoft Windows

Users warn of massive CPU spikes with latest Windows update

Buggy process can be gobbling up as much as 90% of processor use
2 Sep 2019
The Windows 10 logo displayed on a surface
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft kicks Windows 10 users into May 2019 Update

Machines using build 1803 will be upgraded to avoid risk when it reaches end-of-service in November
17 Jul 2019
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 May 2019 Update blocked for users with USB drives

Need for a workaround to this latest error doesn’t bode well after Microsoft's recent upgrade nightmares
24 Apr 2019
Image denoting an issue with Microsoft OS Windows 7 or 10
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft overhauls Windows 10 to avoid broken updates

Microsoft hopes a new mechanism, longer preview stage and machine learning tools will consign update catastrophes to the past
5 Apr 2019
Microsoft's flagship OS Windows 10 on a purple graphic
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 October 2018 update deemed safe for deployment

Six-month saga at an end as the major update is finally being pushed to businesses
29 Mar 2019
Image of the Windows logo on a beach to represent a sandbox mode
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft to launch 'sandbox' tool for Chrome and Firefox

The tool launches an isolated session so enterprise users can browse 'untrusted' websites risk-free
18 Mar 2019
Google Android

Android P developers plot battery power boost

Benjamin Poiesz and Tim Murray reveal the motivation behind 'adaptive battery' and what's next for Android battery life
2 Aug 2018