Best document management software

We round up the best document management software for your business

One of the biggest issues with the introduction of the cloud is it's likely both you and employees across your organisation will be storing their files and documents on a variety of different platforms. Although some may store files in their desktop or documents folder, they may have some shared resources on services such as Box or Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and more.

Using a document management tool will help you organise and find files when you need them most, with some software even allowing you to digitally sign contracts, comment on or add to files and collaborate more effectively.

We've rounded up the best document management software with a wide range of feature sets to help you make the best decision for your organisation. 


M-Files focuses on security, allowing you to find, share and secure files in a highly secure environment. It's a great option if you operate in a highly regulated industry, although the majority of businesses would benefit from the software's easy-to use interface.

Rather than having to use another place to store files, M-Files makes it easy to find a document wherever it may reside on your computer or the network. You can find them by entering the document's name (if you know it), document type, keywords and when it was created to make it more powerful than a simple cross-computer search.

Other features included in M-Files are version control, mobile access, e-signature capabilities, automated workflows, document templates, permission management and offline access to make it one of the most popular document management tools around.

Price: On request


Rather than just finding and securing your files, FileCentre also allows you to add documents too, whether that's by scanning them or faxing them. It'll transform your printed documents into fully searchable resources on your computer or network, so anyone can see them, even if you only have one paper copy.

You can also edit PDFs with ease and if you want to browse a file without opening it, the preview tool is a particularly handy way to skim-read before sharing or quickly finding information.

FileCentre integrates with many of the leading cloud-based storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive to make collaboration a breeze. They can also be shared across an office network or with external parties securely (such as clients) with a client portal.

Price: From $49.95(37)/year/computer (renewal $19.95(15))


Rather than just managing your files, Templafy helps you create document templates for compliance and brand consistency, sharing them across your organisation so everyone's singing from the same hymn sheet.

It supports a wide range of document types including letters, emails, presentations, word documents, contracts and terms and conditions documents, offering approved formats that don't need to be signed off by managers.

The templates can be easily updated using a central console, for example if contact details change or regulations are adjusted, with the changes being made across the entire portfolio of document types if required.

The software integrates with a wide range of other productivity suites including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sharepoint and much more, so you can be rest assured anyone can create perfectly brand-aligned documents, wherever they are. 

Price: From $1(75p)/user/month depending on features


BynderOrbit uses AI to find your files, wherever they're stored on your device. It'll also search across popular services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Hootsuite, Wordpress and Drupal. 

You can brand your own portal, so your employees feel as though they're using a company-owned resource rather than a third-party file discovery platform and files can be transferred amongst employees with no limits. 

Even large files can be uploaded fast and while you're doing other tasks, so you don't waste your time watching a progress bar when you could be doing something else more useful. 

The UI is slick and easy to use, and although BynderOrbit has been designed with the creative industries in mind, it's suitable for all businesses using large resources everyday. 

Price: From free


eFileCabinet has been designed to encourage businesses to stop relying on paper for their documents and instead use a digital system that will cut back on costs as well as environmental impact.

It's available as either an on-premise or cloud-based tool, with the latter including smartphone and tablet app support. Whether you decide to use the network-hosted tool or the cloud version, it's perfectly suited to highly regulated businesses thanks to its security and compliance features.

eFileCabinet integrates with a range of different third party platforms, including Salesforce, allowing users to drag and drop files between applications to keep track of the sales funnel, and store invoices, contracts and other important documents for the entire organisation to collaborate on.

Like Templafy, the portal can be white labelled for your businesses, making it feel as though it's an integral part of your organisation's infrastructure.

Price: From $119.40 (90)/person/year for Express

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