solid state storage (SSD)

solid state storage (SSD)

Kingston KC2000 review: A serious SSD for serious users

A well-featured NVMe SSD that’s better suited to work than pleasure
29 Jun 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

WD Blue SN550 review: A smashing budget SSD

The follow-up to one of the best budget SSDs gets even higher top speeds, while keeping pricing low
29 Jun 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung's releases high-speed T7 SSD to the market

Device is capable of transferring 10GB of 4K video in eight seconds, company claims
22 May 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

Best SSDs 2020: The top NVMe and SATA drives around

Speed, reliability and value - it’s all here
29 Apr 2020

Magic quadrant for primary storage

An evaluation by Gartner of magic quadrant for primary storage
10 Mar 2020
operating systems

How to move Windows 10 from your old hard drive to SSD

The move to a solid-state disk will make your Windows PC faster
20 Feb 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

What the future holds for data storage

We take a look at the innovations bringing us ever larger and faster memory
6 Sep 2019
solid state storage (SSD)

WD Blue SN500 review: A great-value option

Newly upgraded to NVMe, the cheap Blue SN500 will make you cheerful
20 Jun 2019
solid state storage (SSD)

Adata XPG SX8200 Pro review: Our new favourite NVMe SSD

Not only is this one of the best-value NVMe SSDs around, it’s also one of the fastest
28 Mar 2019
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB review: 96 layers of greatness

Samsung improves its V-NAND to deliver impressive file write improvements
1 Feb 2019
solid state storage (SSD)

Seagate Barracuda 500GB SSD review: A fish out of water

Can this dominant hard disk brand transfer its success to SSDs?
17 Dec 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Kingston UV500 M.2 review: Security at the cost of speed

On this slim M.2 drive, full-disk encryption is the consolation prize for underwhelming performance
24 Sep 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung Portable SSD X5 review

Even faster than Samsung’s own trusty T5, the X5 SSD is the new king of high-speed portable drives
29 Aug 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung 860 Pro 512GB review: Power killed by price

With a reduced warranty and only a tiny speed boost, the 860 Pro is massively overpriced
24 Jul 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung 860 Evo review: The new king of SATA SSDs

Faster and longer-lasting than the 850 Evo, yet still well-priced
27 Jun 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Crucial MX500 500GB review

Fast, cheap and with a lengthy warranty, the Crucial MX500 is a great option for anyone who doesn’t need a pro-level drive
20 Jun 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD review: Where TLC meets SLC

Tiered 3D NAND gives this M.2 SSD a speed boost, at least for light workloads
14 Jun 2018
network attached storage (NAS)

WD My Cloud Pro PR2100: A solid and capable SOHO NAS drive

A reliable new entry to the stalwart range, but file transfer speeds are still not as fast as other brands
26 Apr 2018
Server & storage

We're creating more data than we can cope with

The problem isn't just storage – it's how to organise and manage an ever-growing hoard of files
17 Mar 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

iStorage diskAshur Pro2 review

It offers hardcore encryption and protection, but this external hard disk is exceptionally expensive
30 Jan 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung T5 review

A hugely fast portable SSD, but it's also one of the most expensive
25 Jan 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Kingston SSDNow UV400 Upgrade Kit review

A great upgrade option for laptop owners, but you can get cheaper standalone drives
23 Jan 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Adata SC660H review

Lighter than its rivals and a fraction of the price of other 3D-NAND equipped drives, Adata offers incredible value for money
19 Jan 2018