IT workers seeking new job opportunities, despite predictions

Industry experts had anticipated employees would prioritise job security in their existing roles

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Research by Investors in People has revealed that 76% of IT staff will be looking for a new job in 2017, flying in the face of industry predictions that employees would want to remain in their current roles due to an uncertain economic outlook.

According to the annual Job Exodus Trendsreport, 42% of IT staff are already looking for a new job just one week into 2017.

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"We were expecting to see British workers planning to stay put in the face of economic uncertainty," Paul Devoy, head of Investors in People said. "But we've seen exactly the opposite: a significant rise in people seeking to move employers in 2017 and a jump in jobs confidence."

The main reason IT staff are seeking new opportunities is for a pay rise, with concerns that wages at their current company would stagnate. Investors in People also revealed that pay is still one of the biggest happiness factors for staff working in the IT sector.

Other reasons given include better management and flexible working, which is a basic requirement of jobs this decade.

"Workers are telling us they want to move for better pay, better management and flexible working. This sends a clear message to British business to invest in your people or risk losing them," Devoy said.

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Investors in People added that competitive pay, enjoyable work and joining an employer with a good reputation are all at the top of the list when looking for a job.

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"With worker wages stagnating and a strong jobs market there is a clear imperative to address workers' pay and tackle poor management," Devoy added.

"No career progression (36%) and poor management (33%) are critical factors for IT workers being unhappy in their jobs. Employers need to really invest in their people in 2017 to attract and retain the best talent."



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