HP unveils open Haven platform to analyse Big Data

Acquired technology from Autonomy, Vertica and ArcSight powers billion dollar platform.

Big data

HP has unveiled its Haven platform which aims to help enterprises analyse the petabytes of structured and unstructured data they generate.

Haven utlises the open source Hadoop software together with technologies HP acquired from companies including Autonomy, Vertica and ArcSight.

The platform aims to help enterprises sift through and analyse information and also help businesses to identify the data they do not need. HP claims that on average businesses house 16.6PB of data on the back of generating between 100,000 and 100 million business events per second. 

Colin Mahony, VP and GM of HP Vertica, told attendees that Haven includes 700 connectors, so it is able to analyse data from sources including social media, video, audio, email texts documents and images.

"We believe [Haven] is the only comprehensive, open, scalable and secure big data platform on the market," he said at HP Discover 2013.

HP will provide analytics applications for use within Haven, but the firm noted that the platform supports multi-vendor tools, giving customers a flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in.

"We have taken various components and made it easy to use the right tool for the right job and that's what everybody is looking to do when it comes to big data," Mahony said.

One of the most interesting tools offered up by HP is the Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup ControlPoint 4.

Robert Youngjohns, GM of HP Autonomy, claimed that many businesses are holding onto data in a "digital landfills". This costs businesses money and impacts on efficiency.

"Many companies just [take a view] if in doubt keep it [data]," he said.

"We've built a legacy data cleanup product, so you create rules within that data policy manager and the analytics engine goes away and starts analysing all you legacy data. It begins to advise you on what can be deleted and what should be kept."

Youngjohns claimed that the analytics tool can help provide huge cost savings in some cases reducing up 50 to 70 per cent of legacy data stored.

Other benefits of deleting unwanted data include improved risk mitigation and increased efficiency.

"Clearly, if you only have the information you need, it makes you more efficient," he added.

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