Majority of businesses think their data should be stored in the UK

But a report has revealed only 27 per cent of businesses know for certain their data is located in the UK

Research by cyber security consultency CNS Group has revealed that although 92 per cent of IT decision makers think their data should be stored in the UK, only 27 per cent are certain their information is stored on our shores.

This, CNS Group claimed, means companies are putting themselves at great risk of their information being hacked by others, including foreign governmental organisations.

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Additionally, the survey revealed the respondents were concerned that, by not knowing where their data is stored, there could be a lack of data integrity (21 per cent) thought it could lack data integrity. 22 per cent also said they did not know the accreditations or clearance of those accessing and managing their data.

"In order to guarantee compliance with existing and forthcoming data protection legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) organisations regardless of size will need to know where exactly in the world their data is stored and managed," said Shannon Simpson, CEO of CNS Group.

However, CNS Group thinks this attitude will need to change very soon as organisations are required to comply with data sovereignty demands in the GDPR.

"Following Brexit, UK organisations will still need to comply with the [GDPR] if trading in the EU. If comprehensive questions about data sovereignty are not currently part of an organisations data governance strategy, they should be."

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CNS Group advised organisations to start demanding more detailed information from their providers, specifically where their data is stored, who has access to it, where it is backed up and how it is encrypted.


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