HPE extends 3PAR Flash Storage to help eradicate risk

Update aims to accelerate app delivery and simplify operations

HPE has updated its 3Par Flash Storage line to target organisations adopting hybrid IT infrastructures.

The HPE 3PAR advancements include the introduction of 3PAR Adaptive Data Reduction (ADR) features and three updates to existing solutions in the portfolio, which together help businesses implement a flash setup HPE claims is fit for the future, safeguard their assets and boost productivity.

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ADR compresses and de-duplicates data and works out how to better use resources to reduce the capacity needed on all-flash arrays. It also integrates intelligence to work out how the system resources can be best utilised to save money.

HPE's update to Recovery Manager Central (RMC) extends data protection beyond the array, providing organisations with snapshots and data movement between 3PAR and secondary HPE StoreOnce Systems.

An update to 3PAR Peer Persistence now offers three-data centre support, meaning businesses can mitigate risk much faster over much larger distances, while 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) has been updated to allow automation and scheduling of large-scale data migrations.

The company explained that the decision to roll out its updates was to address the concerns customers have as they seek to move to flash-based infrastructure and how this will affect parts of their organisation including application development, operations, risk and investments.

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"Customers see all-flash storage as only one part of a hybrid IT strategy," Bill Philbin, senior vice president, of HP's Data Center Infrastructure Group, said. "3PAR is a best-in-class array but we go further to optimise the full stack and provide data mobility across systems - an approach that has helped us grow faster than the market over the last 18 months."


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