iOS 7 bugs, BBM delays and banking security: IT Pro's web comments round-up

iOS 7 bugs, BlackBerry's woes and ex-Barclays Bank employees have all got IT Pro readers chatting this week...

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IT Pro readers are a vocal bunch, always willing to offer up an opinion on the latest technology news, product reviews and site features.

As is the case most weeks, this time around they're getting all hot under the collar about the latest goings on at BlackBerry, the recently launched Apple iOS 7, and data protection issues.

BBM delays rumble on

Last week the IT Pro reader comments section was full of readers swapping conspiracy theories about the "real" reason behind the delayed release of BlackBerry's BBM for Android and iPhone app last week.

Seven days is a long time in the tech world, and despite there being no word on when the app will drop the mood towards BlackBerry seems to be softening, a bit.

By and large, readers were still annoyed at having to wait so long for the software, with many claiming the delay is going to put the firm even further behind its rivals in the smartphone space.

"Things leak and it doesn't lead to delays," said Dave12308 (there certainly are a lot of them out there). "What are they going to do if the next version leaks as well? Postpone it again? BlackBerry, you may as well give up and cash in your chips. You're done."

The interestingly named Shawn Goobarstang was a little more forgiving, and called on people to go a little easier on BlackBerry.

"In the business world of ETA's anything can happen, and this could have been sabotage from an ex-employee or the engineer could have made a flaw where it would cause a system meltdown because of memory leaks in the software gobbling up bandwidth," he offered.

"If you think you could have made a better app, why aren't you working for the company?"

One of the IT Pro team's favourite comments this week also had a BlackBerry flavour, and was left on tech editor Khidr Suleman's first look of the firm's new Z30 device.

The device features the latest version of BB10 operating system software, which boasts a new lock screen notifications feature, that lets users preview social networking and text messages from the locks screen (unsurprisingly).

Ladies man Tuco Ramirez doesn't seem to be a fan of this new feature, fearing it could blow the lid of his extra-marital affairs wide open.

"I certainly don't want my wife to be able to see previews of my incoming text messages from my mistress when my phone is locked," said Mr. Loverman. "I don't want this feature!"

Apple iOS 7 problems

The release of Apple's latest mobile operating system has divided opinion, with some people raving about its new look and feel, while others find it all a bit much, really.

As is the case with nearly every new software release, a couple of iOS 7 bugs have come to light, some of which have been caused by the incremental updates Apple pushes out to fix them.

"I have had my first black screen of death under this OS. I am NOT impressed," said M77. "I'd love to go back to iOS 6, but I can't even boot my iPhone now. Will have to wait for a Genius session tomorrow to fix it." Poor, love.

Debate also continues to rage about just how full-proof Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner is on the iPhone 5s, after a German group of computer hackers found a way to bypass it.

But, in the slightly mangled words of country and western singing sensation Shania Twain, that don't impress BMorgan much.

"Take an iPhone 5s at random, give it to one of these guys and say, okay, hack it. Bet they won't succeed," he said.

"I don't care what they claim to do in their labs. In the real world it will be a hit and miss hack at best. Whereas looking over my shoulder while I type in my pass code is not that challenging."

Barclays Banks on security

At the end of last month, a former Barclays Bank employee was fined 3,360 for illegally passing on information about the number of children a customer had to a friend.

The case incurred the wrath of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), as well as several IT Pro readers.

"The UK really needs to tighten up IT security and bring in heavy sentences as internet crime is soaring to record heights with every month that goes on," said Omendata.


Some users questioned why Barclays would need to keep a note of how many children a customer has, and DieselTaylor offered up this as an answer. "Knowing your customer has been a fundamental part of banking practice since probably the beginning of banking," he said.

"It is very disappointing that a mandatory prison sentence seems not to be in the frame. It seems a fairly trivial fine given the potential knowledge that can be gained and the low risk of being caught," he added.

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