Q&A: Vlad Botic, Norton Rose Fulbright

We chat to the law firm's chief enterprise architect - and Leaderboard member - about the power of technology.

My first IT job was hardware engineer assembling computers.

How has the world of IT changed since you first started in the sector?

Since I started in the sector, IT has gone through transition from a pure cost centre (support), then aligning with the business helping to drive efficiency and, finally, in some cases, depending on the enterprise, a true business enabler.

What do you think are the most important skills people wanting to enter the IT job market should have nowadays?

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People should have are a good grounding in technology, knowledge of information technology from a business point view and strong business skills.

Technology must be used as a force for good. Although my view might have been influenced mainly by reading comics growing up, it nevertheless has the power to change how we interact, communicate and create. 

What advice would you give someone thinking of entering the IT jobs market/your younger self?

As much effort one is putting into learning and understanding technology, it is equally important to learn and understand people and principles of good business.

What is the biggest challenge facing IT professionals at the moment?

The biggest challenge today facing IT professionals at the moment is keeping up with the pace of change and demand. This has been brought on by the fundamental paradigm shift that has occurred with technologies such as cloud and the consumerisation of IT.

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What technologies/trends are you currently watching and why?

Currently I am watching the following trends:

Cloud this is a great disruptive technology that has fundamentally changed how IT professionals operate. Business that are able to leverage cloud computing, whether that is all in the cloud, private or hybrid, can deliver a better efficiency and shift the investment to a more operational driven model. The relative ease of use in building systems has shifted in some cases the IT decision out of IT and with it a portion of the IT budget.

Mobile we are in a mobile paradigm shift that is moving IT from desktop computing into mobile.  Any organisations today are looking at mobile first as this technology can enable a workforce to be more efficient.  There is also great innovation in this space.

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Big Data as more data is being generated and stored, placing the focus on strategic data by introducing data integration and data warehouses can benefit enterprises by exposing data through powerful analytics and business intelligence systems turning data into useful information. As data is growing at such as rapid rate more emphasis needs to be placed on how this is managed.

Communication and collaboration in this I also include enterprise social networking. As enterprises are expanding and globalising, bringing people and knowledge together at the right time regardless of geographical location has become a key factor in the success of such growth.

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Conversely, what current technology/trend are you not interested in and why?

Although I have mentioned above the four main areas of my current interest, I try to follow all technology trends. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Technology must be used as a force for good. Although my view might have been influenced mainly by reading comics growing up, it nevertheless has the power to change how we interact, communicate and create. 

Technology should not only be used and thought of in the context of business, but in a wider application improving our wellbeing. 

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