Our tech highlights of 2013

We round up the IT Pro team and Leader Board members' favourite tech moments of the year.

Although several people I know give the windows phone very good reviews, they don't seem to find a way through on this particular market."

Patricio Colombo, head of IT and systems, Jamie Oliver Ltd

"The 2013 tech highlight for me was the attempt by Microsoft to launch a devices and services model and perhaps a head on position and competition for the Apple consumer hunting ground."

Steve Harvey, director of middleware, Reed Elsevier

"My tech highlight of the year is the continuos stream of data from Curiosity on Mars. I have a background in geology and to see features we have on earth, on another planet, never ceases to amaze me."

Simon Hogg, IT portfolio manager, Oxford Brookes

"I am always impressed at the rate at which technology changes so there are lots to choose from. But for me I think it would be the rise of 3D printers. As a disruptive innovation, it doesn't get bigger than this. Who doesn't want a 3D printer at home?"

Brendon Petsch, IT director, Gritit

"The cyber-governance health check and other cyber initiatives launched by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). BIS have been working to raise board awareness of the threat of cyberattack in collaboration with GCHQ and MI5."

Simon Placks, head of IT forensics, Ernst & Young

"In the web field, 2013 saw the rising maturity of responsive design and HTML5 which has enabled enterprises to develop and deliver solutions in a browser across all devices (evidenced by our own http://beta.tfl.gov.uk.)

2013 saw the gathering speed of mobile consumer devices being adopted in the enterprise, which is a surprise and delight to any technology follower. We all want to use devices which we would choose as consumers, not those imposed in long cycles by IT departments.

A friend of mine recently remarked that it's been a long time since IT at work was better than we have at home. That prospect has started to become a real possibility in 2013 aided by management and security models which make it possible to exert sufficient control over devices and establish trust to engage with the back office services of the business. The ability to facilitate workforce mobility and deliver agility have become key business differentiators."

Phil Young, head of online, TfL

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