Our tech hopes for 2014

We round up the IT Pro team and Leader Board members' tech wishes for the coming year.

2014 has got its work cut out to beat everything that happened in 2013 (see our most memorable moments here, our news roundup here, and our top products of the year here). However, we reckon the next 12 months just might have even more in store for us.

We round up some of the team's tech hopes for 2014. Let's start with what the editorial team want to happen, before moving on to hear what our Leader Board panelists have on their wishlists.  

"I'd like to see more done to improve access to superfast broadband services in rural areas next year, because while initiatives like BDUK are a step in the right direction there are still many SMBs and home workers in the more remote areas of the UK that are being held back by connectivity problems."

Caroline Donnelly, news editor

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I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any viable businesses use cases for Google Glass.

"I am getting quite into the quantified self' movement and I would really like to see some kind of innovation that takes the technology beyond simple activity/exercise (and in some cases sleep) monitoring. A more holistic approach, including things like stress monitoring (a la Microsoft's "smart bra"), nutrition and so on would be really interesting."

Jane McCallion, staff writer

"We were teased with some wearable technology during 2013 from the likes of Samsung and Sony, but these were little more than digital watches. It would be great to see a vendor demo a wearable product which uses a flexible display and which has innovative uses.

I'm also looking forward to seeing if there are any viable business use cases for Google Glass."

Khidr Suleman, technical editor

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Turn the page to see what some of our Leader Board members are hoping will happen in 2014. 

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