Could Apple become the world’s first $1 trillion company?

Analyst points to Apple Watch, electric car and iPhone as factors pushing tech giant to the top


Apple could become the only $1 trillion company thanks to innovations like the Apple Watch and its rumoured self-driving car, one analyst claims.

Brian White, analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, cited Apple's strong performance in China as another factor behind his estimate, detailed in a note to investors.

He said: "Next month, Apple will enter its first new product category in five years, while media reports over the past several weeks have highlighted potential new areas of future innovation.

"Also, we believe Apple's iPhone portfolio and position in China have never been stronger.

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"Finally, Applehas shown its commitment to returning cash to shareholders, and we expect more in April. We believe the combination of these forces will drive the market to reward Apple's stock."

The prediction comes after the tech giant netted the highest profit ever recorded by a company in a single quarter in the last three months of 2014.

The $18 billion profit, and record $74.6 billion revenue, were chalked up to the popularity of the iPhone 6.

Cantor Fitzgerald think that Apple's shares could soon be worth $180 per share.

Currently they are at $127, which puts the company at a value of $733 billion.

If Apple does hit $1 trillion in value, it will be worth more than each respective GDP of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia or the Netherlands, according to statistics from the World Bank.

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However, some sources are predicting the opposite of Cantor Fitzgerald's positive speculations.

Berenberg Bank predicted that their share could crash to $85. According to Forbes, the average prediction for the company's stock is $135.

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