London and Scotland pay more for tech workers

New research indicates that Scotland and the UK capital are the UK's best locations for IT staff


IT workers enjoy more earnings potential in London than anywhere else in the UK, while those in Scotland enjoy a higher salary premium than the UK's average tech worker, new research reveals.

The research comes from Randstad Technologies and shows that IT workers in London have earn an average nine per cent more, or 5,211, than their peers elsewhere in the UK.

The study was based on results from more than 870,000 CVs covering a variety of sectors including the CVs of 177,300 IT workers.

Ruth Jacobs, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said: "If you work in the technology sphere, it makes sense to look at the opportunities on offer in the capital, because IT workers are held in high esteem in this area. You get a premium for working in London and a premium for working in IT.

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"You'll get paid more, and you'll also get the added benefit of being higher up to social pecking order."

Last month, research from Oxford Economics revealed that London has become the tech capital of Europe, with many start-ups choosing the city over others such as Paris, Dublin and Madrid.

"Not only is London home to plenty of start-up incubators, but its also a thriving global business centre, and all of the largest companies in the capital need strong tech talent to function," Jacobs added.

Scottish residents working in tech can also expect to earn a comparative salary premium, with a salary premium of 6 per cent, Randstad's report found.

IT workers in Northern Ireland, meanwhile, are underpaid according to the study, with a 22 per cent comparative salary discount. The Midlands comes just ahead of them, with workers paid 15 per cent less than the average.

"The results of our comprehensive CV analysis have also allowed us to pin-point the areas tech workers should avoid,"said Jacobs. "If you're a techie based in the north with Scotland the exception you're being grossly undervalued, and it could really be worth your while moving south."

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