Windows 10 devices launch 4 September

What flagship Windows 10 devices will be revealed by Microsoft at IFA?

Microsoft is set to release a swathe of Windows 10 devices at IFA on Friday 4 September - the first since the operating system launched this summer.

In the official invitation to the keynote, titled "Windows 10 Lights up New Devices", Microsoft said that corporate VP of the OEM division, Nick Parker, "will demonstrate a breadth of new Windows 10 devices, including tablets, 2-in-1s, premium notebooks, gaming devices and all-in-ones that will light up the Windows 10 experience for customers".

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What can we expect to see? Microsoft has revealed no more than what's in the invitation, and there have been no solid leaks. However, we can draw some clues from 2014's event.

Last year was a big one for gaming with the launch of the Xbox One. We're unlikely to see another console this year, but a portable device is a possibility, as are gaming laptops and desktops. The "gaming devices" the company is referring to in the invite may be its Hololens VR device, which is wheeled out at most Windows 10 events.

In the tablets category, 2014's event saw only one device - a Windows 8.1 Panasonic Toughpad. Panasonic is yet to announce an update to this product, so it's a distinct possibility the follow-up will make an appearance tomorrow.

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As well as the Toughpad, a number of 2-in-1s were launched last year from manufacturers including Lenovo, which has already debuted two Windows 10-powered ThinkPads at IFA 2015, and Acer, which has launched an updated Aspire R3 with Windows 10 this week too.

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HP put up a strong show in 2014, with new Envy and Pavilion devices on show. However, with the company splitting in two in November, it will be interesting to see what devices - if any - make it into this year's lineup.

New Lumia phones?

Despite earlier rumours of two new Lumia smartphones, codenamed Talkman and Cityman, Microsoft is apparently not going to reveal these until later in the year. There are two possible reasons put forward for this: firstly, that the company doesn't want two new flagship phones to be overshadowed by the range of other products, and secondly, that Windows Phone 10 won't be on general release until much later this year, if not 2016.

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