Twitter switches from social network to news app

Service changes classification on iOS app store

Twitter is now no longer a social network - it's a news app.

That's according to its classification in the iOS App Store -- the company has switched from the social networking category to the news category, with little indication as to why.

No official statement has been made by the company regarding the change. Even more confusingly, Twitter is still classified as a social network in the Google Play store, as well as the OSX App Store.

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This is possibly a move by the company to subtly readjust its public perception. While it is still largely viewed as a microblogging site, the company has repeatedly shown its desire to mature as a service.

Following the move, it will be listed not with apps like Facebook and Instagram (which remain more popular), but against apps from news organisations, most of whom it handily beats in terms of success.

It also fits in with the directional changes that are becoming more evident in the service's feature set. Moments, the feature that collects tweets about various trending topics, is a key example of this, as is prioritising the content that Twitter thinks you'll find most important.

CEO Jack Dorsey made a point during a recent earnings call of emphasising how important Twitter's live streaming service Periscope was to spurring conversations on the platform.

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The company has also been faced this week with a disappointing revenue stream, as ad sales on the platform continue to underperform. A move away from social networking and towards news could be part of an effort to distract attention from its faltering revenue.



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