Reddit reveals plans to host videos on its site

The site wants to keep its users on the site for longer by prioritising video content producers

Reddit has plans to introduce video content to its users, by hosting video content directly on its site.

The move is an attempt to align with sites already offering this, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, reports BBC News. This will allow users to add content they are actually discussing to threads and subreddits, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman explained to the site.

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He said: "Every time we send a user away there's a chance we won't get them back. We have a lot of communities on Reddit that produce original content. Basically prioritising the content producers will be a direction of ours for the next little while. It makes the process so much more streamlined."

Currently, users rely on external links to other destinations such as YouTube when discussing content. This shift will allow Reddit to keep its users on the site for longer. Doing this will benefit Reddit in various ways, including with ad impressions and the revenue they bring.

Reddit has been working to make the site more habitable for users, recently launching a new troll-blocking tool designed as an anti-bullying measure for users who feel they are being harassed. Previously the block feature only worked within private messages between users.

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The site has also recently had to tackle security issues, resetting 100,000 passwords after hackers stole credentials from other sites. While Reddit itself wasn't hacked, it warned users against using the same password across various online accounts.


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