The IT Press Tour: Rubrik, Big Switch Networks and Datrium

The first day of the press tour kicks off in California

Rubrik, Big Switch Networks and Datrium met with the press tour on its first day in Silicon Valley


Rubrik kicked off the press tour by introducing journalists to a new product and talking to them about the company at its office in Palo Alto.

Alta is Rubik's ninth product release and has a number of new features including database support for Oracle, SQL instant recovery and also supports CloudOn, which provides application mobility across data centre and cloud.

Having raised $180 million in Series D funding in April at a $1.3 billion valuation, for a total of $292 million, Rubrik plans to IPO "at some point", according to corporate marketing VP, John Koo.

With 400 employees and offices in Europe and Asia, the company is looking to recruit a lot more engineers too, in order to keep up its pace of innovation.

The company has identified a market opportunity in copy data management, which includes data protection and recovery, archiving, replication, file systems, storage and more - meaning it's going up against giants such as Dell EMC and Veritas.

Big Switch Networks

After a short trip down the road to Santa Clara we arrived at the offices of Big Switch Network.

Big Switch provides two services; data centre switching through its Big Cloud Fabric, and data centre security and monitoring through Big Monitoring Fabric. The company also has a partnership with Dell EMC, which offers its software to customers.

CMO Gregg Holzrichter said: "Networking almost always used to be blamed if something went wrong in a data centre. What we are seeing today is a change in networking where we are able to make the management of those networks simplified."

Chief product officer Prashant Gandhi went on to explain how Big Switch Networks tries to make as many as 130 network switches appear as one, in order to make it easier to control them.

The firm claims to have doubled software subscriptions and customers in 2016 and now has customers in North America, APAC, and EMEA. It boasts of 10 customers who have transacted more than $1 million and has blue chip customers as well as providing services to the US government.


Lastly, we visited Datrium over in Sunnyvale. Datrium is a cloud data management platform that uniquely allows for end-to-end data security. Craig Nunes, VP of marketing, said it would extend its capabilities into hybrid clouds at the beginning of next year.

Datrium raised $55 million in series C funding last December and introduced encryption and cloud data management earlier in 2017. Its customers include Stanford University, Siemens and Netmail, and all of its customers are from the US, though some are Canadian.

Brian Biles, CEO and co-founder, said that the firm may target Europe in 2018.

Hugo Patterson, CTO and another co-founder, highlighted Datrium's Blanket Protection tool, which can encrypt data on the platform. It provides end-to end protection, full data reduction, simple and quick deployment and its high performance.

On Tuesday I will be meeting StrongBox, Avere Systems and E8 Storage. Follow me on Twitter to stay tuned with all the latest updates.

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