Tim Cook disagrees with Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville: “Hate is a cancer”

Apple’s Tim Cook said there is no moral equivalence between white supremacists and those that oppose them

Tim Cook has sent a letter to Apple's global employees, pledging contributions of $1 million each to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League in the wake of Charlottesville, and criticising Donald Trump's response to the tragedy that left one woman dead.

According to Buzzfeed, who obtained the letter, Cook called on employees to be "unequivocal" about their resistance to hate and bigotry, before taking direct aim at Trump's approach to the violence in Charlottesville.

"I disagree with the president and others who believe that there is a moral equivalence between white supremacists and Nazis, and those who oppose them by standing up for human rights," writes Cook. "Equating the two runs counter to our ideals as Americans."

The letter, which was sent out on Wednesday evening, came on the same day Trump pulled the plug on two White House business councils. A raft of prominent CEOs had stepped down from the councils in recent days, including Kevin Plank of Under Armour and Brian Krzanich of Intel.

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Political leaders have also come out against Trump's weak approach to white supremacism, including Theresa May. When asked about the US president's response to clashes in Charlottesville, the UK Prime Minister said it is important to condemn far-right views "wherever we hear them". Although she didn't mention Trump by name, the remarks have been read in terms of Trump's approach to the violence, in which he said there was blame on both sides of the protests.

"I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them," said May.   

Cook claims that Apple is "inclusive of everyone", and that the company will be "stepping up" to support anti-hate organisations. In addition to contribution of $1 million each to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, Cook claims Apple will We match two-for-one its employees' donations to these and a number of other human rights groups, until 30 September. There are also plans to provide links to these groups via iTunes.

Main image credit: Mike Deerkoski

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