Tim Cook on Brexit: it'll be fine

Apple's CEO Tim Cook isn't worried about Brexit but will continue to speak out about US immigration policies

Worried about the impact of Brexit on your business? Don't be Tim Cook says we'll be "just fine".

The Apple CEO was in the UK to pick up an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow, and swung by Good Morning Britain for an interview.

Asked about Brexit, he said: "We are very optimistic about the UK's future. We are all in."

He added: "We're a big believer in the UK. The UK will be just fine. Yes, there will be bumps in the road along the way but the UK's going to be fine."

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Cook didn't explain why he believed Brexit wouldn't have a negative impact, but did suggest Apple saw room for growth in the UK. The iPhone maker is building a new London office at the Battersea Power Station development, at a cost of 8 billion. "We're doubling down on a huge headquarters in the Battersea area and we're leaving significant space there to expand," he said of the project.

Cook also offered a similar message to Prime Minister Theresa May, reportedly saying in a meeting with her that he was "optimistic" about the UK's future.

Apple has bumped up prices of its MacBook Pro and App Store downloads following currency fluctuations after Brexit, as reports suggest leaving the EU is already hurting tech salaries and will hit the tech sector the hardest, with 2016 spending sliding.

Shaking voice

Cook also discussed American politics, in particular the recent travel ban that saw people from seven countries temporarily stopped from entering the country, catching out many Silicon Valley staff.

In a talk given after being awarded the degree in Glasgow, he told students that Apple would "speak out even when our voice shakes" against such policies.

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He also revealed his personal work ethic and values. "My philosophy is don't work for money, it will wear out fast," he said. "Or you'll never make enough and you'll never be happy."

Easy to say, perhaps, when your company's cash reserves hit a record $246 billion last month.

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