Top 10 tips for stress-free travel

Travelling can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be if you follow our top tips for stress-free travel

Whether you're a regular traveller or are just embarking upon your first business trip, it's important to keep calm and relaxed before, during and after your trip.

Take onboard our 10 top tips for a stress-free travel experience:

Check in online

If you're already running behind and then get to the airport to find a huge queue for check in, you're bound to be stressed before you even head to departures. Check in before you go and take a carry-on bag if you can, then just head straight off after immigration when you arrive at the airport the other side.

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Book your seat before you travel

There's nothing worse than finding you're sandwiched between two larger passengers when you board the plane and are stuck there for eight hours without the ability to visit the toilet or get a wink of sleep. Avoid the stress by booking your seat before you travel and bagging an aisle seat with extra leg room before anyone else does.

Stay in a hotel the night before

If you have a flight before midday, start the day off in the right way by staying in a hotel close to the airport so you can get up, have breakfast and head to the airport in plenty of time. Some hotel airports even offer free transport to the airport, making life even easier.

Wear comfortable clothing

Never wear tight clothes on a flight, especially when it's long-haul. Wear light, loose and comfortable clothing and take layers rather than a heavy jumper just in case the plane is overly air conditioned in the summer or like a sauna in the winter.

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Drink plenty of water

Flying can really dry out your skin and body and when you're thirsty or dehydrated, you tend to get grumpy. Top up on fluids 24 hours before and after you fly and make sure you drink as much water (not alcohol or sweet drinks) as you can when in the air. You'll land feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Plan your route at the other end

Make sure you know exactly how you're getting to your destination when you land. If your budget won't cover a taxi, book a transfer, such as coach or shared van, before you go or plan your route using public transport before leaving.

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Print off your hotel details and appointment addresses

Not only is it handy to have your hotel details when you land so you can get to where you're staying, you may also need them if you have to fill in a visa or visa waiver form on the plane.

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Additionally, print off maps of the area around your meeting locations and your hotel so you can find your way around without relying on your phone!

Allow plenty of time at the airport

As much as airports are a frustrating place to wait, having an extra hour or two in the departures lounge is less stressful than rushing to your gate on the last call. Why not treat yourself to breakfast/lunch/dinner? It'll probably taste better than the aeroplane food, making you instantly happier.

Make sure devices are fully-charged

Whether you plan on working on the plane or you need to make calls when you land, always ensure you have enough battery on your devices for when you arrive. Charge them the night before and take a portable charger with you so you can to top your smartphone enroute up if need be.

Take some currency with you

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Even if you plan on withdrawing foreign currency when you arrive or using your credit card, take a little foreign cash with you. Even if it's only 50, that should allow you to get to a cash point at your destination or help out in the event of an emergency.

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