10 things you must pack for your next business trip

Our checklist will make sure you have everything you need when travelling for business...

Even if you're a seasoned business traveller, there's always something you'll forget when packing your bag and heading to the airport.

Although many things can be bought at the airport or while you're at your destination, it's best to ensure you pack the most expensive items with you and leave the cheaper items - like toiletries - to buy when you arrive.

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Alongside your travel documents, here are ten things you need to pack on your travels.

1. International adaptors and chargers

It may seem like overkill, but take one international adaptor for each electrical item you own. You'll be surprised how often your laptop, mobile and tablet need charging at the same time. And don't even think about charging your phone from your laptop. Many international currents are not as powerful as the UK so your laptop will take longer to fully charge and your smartphone will quickly drain it too. Even if you're taking a portable charger, there's no use forgetting your plug-in chargers too. Make sure you have one for each device/laptop so you can charge your items simultaneously.

2. International Mi-Fi hotspot

One thing about staying in hotels is that it's hard to predict whether they'll have decent Wi-Fi and tethering from your mobile is a no-no when you're roaming, even on international roaming deals like Three's Feel at home tariff. Avoid huge international data charges by preloading an international mobile hotspot with credit, such as GlobalGig or Tep Wireless.

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3. Filter bottle

Although drinking water in most Western countries is fine to drink, you may find it tastes a little odd in comparison to your water supply at home. A filter bottle, like Brita's Fill&Go means you'll save money on buying bottled water that can be pretty expensive in some countries. Just don't forget the filters too if you're going away for a long time!

4. Portable mobile charger

If you're going to be out and about, heading to meetings a lot while you're away and using your phone to pick up emails and make calls, you'll find the battery will drain a lot quicker than if you were sitting at a desk at home. Make sure you have at least one mobile charger, like Motorola's Powerpack Slim or the Hyperjuice Mini.

5. Headache tablets and prescription medication

There's nothing worse than feeling ill for your whole trip, so make sure you pack any medication you may need while you're away, including headache tablets, anti-diarrhoea tablets and any prescription medication you may need. although you can buy off the shelf tablets while you're abroad, if illness strikes while you're on the plane, you won't land a happy bunny.

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6. Antibacterial gel

Take a small bottle of antibacterial gel to make sure your hands are nice and germ-free wherever you are. There's nothing worse than getting ill when you're in a foreign country and have a schedule full of business meetings!

7. Pen and paper

It may seem old fashioned with tablets and laptops, but what happens if your device runs out of battery? Always keep a pen and notebook in your bag if you can and make sure the pen works before you get to that meeting unable to make any notes.

8. USB flash drive

In the same vein as taking a pen and paper, it's a good idea to pre-load any presentations or documents you might need while you're away on a USB stick. If your computer fails you and you're without a web connection, you can just plug in a USB stick to someone else's' computer and go.

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9. Earplugs

We've all experienced it - noisy hotel neighbours. You'll be able to sleep soundlessly with a pair of earplugs though. Not only that, you may want to get a little shut-eye on the flight and if it's full of small kids, you'll want to block out your surroundings so you feel rested when you arrive.

10. Your smartphone, tablet and laptop        

It's handy to take a size combination of devices to use while you're away so you have the tools whether you're on the way to an appointment in a cab, at a meeting or in your hotel room, catching up with work. Take a range of devices for ultimate portability and organisation.

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