5 reasons to switch to an HP Subscription

Simplify your business life with one monthly fee that covers hardware, services and software

Habits die hard, and there's no doubt that we're all used to a certain way of buying IT kit. Pick out our favoured laptop, tablet or printer or whatever else it might be before heading to an online or bricks-and-mortar retailer and paying for it outright.

But like a lot of habits, that's not always the right choice. Here, we pick out five benefits that a subscription-based approach could offer you as a business. Click here to find out more about HP's Subscription services.

Reason 1: Upgrade to the latest technology

We all know what it's like to be stuck with a slow, creaking PC because there's no more room left in the IT budget. And we all know that doesn't just affect employees' work rate but also their morale (especially if their colleagues are being upgraded before them). If you switch to HP Subscription then you'll stay on top of technology with the best, most recent designs, with the guarantee that at the end of three years all PCs will be replaced.

Reason 2: Predictable costs make it incredibly easy to budget

Another problem with ageing machinery is maintenance costs, which can rocket at such an unpredictable rate that your carefully planned budget becomes a work of fiction or you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. That doesn't even consider downtime while kit is being repaired. Switching to a monthly fee not only removes the guesswork and helps cashflow, it also means you can concentrate on things other than your budget spreadsheet.

Reason 3: Focus on your business, not the technology

Which brings us to our third point: businesses need to focus on what makes them money, not on the technology that's supporting their efforts. By letting HP, or one of its partners, take on this burden, you become free to channel all your time into boosting the bottom line.

Reason 4: Enterprise-level cover for small businesses

As an understatement of our time, the phrase "IT is complicated" ranks right up there. Who has time to keep up with the latest Windows developments, security attacks, mobile devices and the dozens of pieces of software used in your business? The answer used to be enterprises only, those with thousands of employees, but now you can tap into the global expertise offered by HP. HP supports 400,000 mobile devices and 5.4 million users in 135 countries, with over 1,000 software vendor partnerships to draw on. Take advantage.

Reason 5: A name you can trust

Perhaps most of all, with HP you're buying a name you can trust and that knows the products you're using inside and out. From laptops to tablets to printers, HP is in a unique position to help you should anything go wrong. To find out more, head to HP's Subscription services today.

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