Apple iPad Pro review: why Apple's biggest iPad yet is the ultimate business tablet

Is the 12.9in iPad Pro still worth buying?

Apple iPad Pro review: What to expect from iOS 10

The iPad Pro was released originally by Apple as a rival to the Surface Pro 4 for productivity and creative tasks, and to accommodate this mode of working, iOS was modified to bring in multitasking. Thus, Split view was born, allowing at long last iPad users to use two apps side by side.

Unfortunately, Split view was, and remains, far from perfect. As with most OS-wide upgrades in the iOS universe, Split View relies on developers baking in support for it in the apps themselves, otherwise they won't appear in the list of apps available when you flick your finger in from the right-hand edge of the screen.

The result is that there are still plenty of apps that don't support the feature. Up until recently, even Google wasn't supporting it with its native iOS word processing and spreadsheet apps, which was infuriating for those who rely on the popular online office suite day-to-day.

Still, that loophole has now been closed, and in iOS 10 Apple has made some effort to improve matters for iPad Pro owners, by improving some a handful of core apps to better make use of the iPad Pro's 12.9in screen. It's now possible, for example, to display two Safari tabs side by side, a feature that works beautifully and is simple to use. To display a tab alongside another, simply drag it over to the left or right edge of the screen, or long-press any link and choose Open on Other Side.

In the Mail app iOS 10 adds a triple-pane view so you can flip between mailboxes more easily - simply tap the square icon in the top left corner of the window. This feature also works in the Notes app in exactly the same way, allowing you to switch quickly between your Gmail and iCloud notes, for instance.

And there are plenty of other changes in iOS 10, which you can read about in our full review here. However, these are the only iPad-specific changes in the update, and even then they're limited to the larger 12.9in iPad. Frankly, I'm disappointed; Apple ought to be doing more for its iPad Pro customers.

As ever, it's worth holding off for a day or two after the update drops to see if there are any compatibility issues with app you can't do without, but other than this, there appear to be no major deal-breaking bugs.


The iPad has been reborn as a 12.9in tablet that's light, super-powerful and a surprisingly capable business device

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