cyber security

Schools and colleges need to be aware of risk from IoT

Hacking demo shows educators how easy it is to hack into a network from a smart kettle
25 Jan 2018

Microsoft's budget Windows 10 laptops tackle the Chromebook

The four PCs are all ruggedised with all-day battery life
23 Jan 2018
public sector

BETT 2017: don't drown schools in wave of ed tech

Finding the right tech in the flood of options isn't easy for schools
2 Feb 2017
public sector

How teachers brought Minecraft into classrooms

Microsoft and Minecraft reveal new teacher tools for using the game in schools
1 Feb 2017
public sector

HP: VR and two-in-ones are the future of ed tech

HP's head of education predicts the future of technology in classrooms
31 Jan 2017
Business strategy

Why fun tech is good for schools

Lego and Minecraft are sweeping education tech – but do they offer more benefit than making school fun?
27 Jan 2017

RM Education: Ensuring internet safety in the classroom

RM is helping schools achieve objectives while saving time and money
18 Jan 2017

European Electronique wants schools to think about tech

As a leading education specialist, European Electronique is helping schools take a sensible approach to IT
11 Jan 2017
public sector

Bett 2017 speaker profile: Sir Ken Robinson

Renowned speaker Sir Ken Robinson is due to deliver a keynote at Bett 2017. Catch up on his past talks here
11 Jan 2017
cloud computing

C-Learning wants to connect classrooms through the cloud

C-Learning is using Bett 2017 to promote its vision for cloud-first technology for education
6 Jan 2017
business apps

Meet the company connecting classrooms to Google Apps

Getech helps schools make the most of Google’s education platform
6 Jan 2017
public sector

Bett 2017 show preview - what should you definitely see?

Here's our pick of the most intriguing talks at Bett 2017
5 Jan 2017
public sector

Bett 2017 show preview - what should you definitely see?

Here's our pick of the most intriguing talks at Bett 2017
5 Jan 2017
public sector

Government to champion better use of education data

Education Secretary to work on common standards for schools data
20 Jan 2016
Business strategy

BETT 2016: 'Not all teachers need to be human'

Schools' teaching methods are out of date and irrelevant, claims expert
20 Jan 2016
public sector

Gove plans ICT overhaul in schools

The education secretary promises ICT classes in school will improve with the arrival of computer science teaching.
11 Jan 2012
School technology
public sector

Samsung aims new range at educators

The company has gone all out at this year’s BETT show to convince the education sector it is the company for them.
12 Jan 2011
students and teacher
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Q&A: Becta's Niel McLean defends free PCs for kids

We interview Becta executive director Niel McLean about the Home Access Programme for low-income families, open source in classrooms, and what teacher…
15 Jan 2010
Dell's James Quarles
public sector

Video: What a connected classroom looks like

Dell unveils its vision for the classroom of the future, with netbooks, video conferencing and pub quiz-style handsets.
14 Jan 2010
students at computer
public sector

Teachers claim all students should have laptops

A survey of European teachers show most think each and every student should have their very own computer in the classroom.
14 Jan 2010
BETT show floor
laptop security

Photos: Kid-friendly tech at BETT

A roundup of some of the more interesting new technologies on display at education show BETT.
13 Jan 2010
student with laptop

Will free laptops boost grades and the economy?

A government minister has said trials of the Home Access Programme have boosted student grades and that educational tech boosts the economy.
13 Jan 2010
digital divide

School tech a 'trojan horse' for families

Improving the use of technology in schools will benefit families too, a government minister has said.
15 Jan 2009