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Google lets you replay Twitter

Google has unveiled a new Twitter search tool, and tweets are set to be archived by the US Library of Congress.
15 Apr 2010
fast web
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Google adds page load times to search rankings formula

Speed is added to the mysterious Google page rankings melting pot as search giant tries to encourage webmasters to take a closer look at page load tim…
12 Apr 2010
Wolfram Alpha on the iPhone
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Wolfram Alpha drops app price from $50 to $2

Wolfram Alpha has announced a dramatic price drop and refunds to attract more users.
1 Apr 2010
data tube
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Google sees Hong Kong traffic jump

Google Hong Kong's market share has jumped to three per cent of global market share - if it falls back, it may be a sign China has cut access.
29 Mar 2010

Today in tech: Google exits China, our skin becomes the

Pressed for time but need to keep on top of tech news? Look no further than this daily roundup.
23 Mar 2010
Conrad Wolfram
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Q&A: Conrad Wolfram on communicating with apps in Web 3.0

Conrad Wolfram explains how applications will increasingly encode the expertise of humans, to give us an easier time sorting through data on the web.
17 Mar 2010
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Microsoft/Google battle heats up with Bing ads

Software giant Microsoft has begun the countdown to the launch of TV ads for its Bing search engine.
8 Mar 2010
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Facebook opens its doors to Google real-time search

Google searches will now list status updates, but only from Facebook Pages accounts, giving Bing a massive advantage in real-time social search.
26 Feb 2010
Yahoo and Twitter
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Yahoo adds Twitter to search

Tweets finally come to Yahoo, months after Bing and Google.
24 Feb 2010
Don't be evil?
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Google: Going back to ‘Don’t Be Evil’?

Does Google's quarrel with China show that the web giant has rediscovered its guiding principles?
2 Feb 2010
Google synonym tech
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Google unveils synonym tech

Web giant Google has unveiled a new system that makes search understand synonyms more easily.
20 Jan 2010
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Microsoft cuts search data retention to six months

Microsoft will delete IP addresses after six months, besting Google's nine month data retention policy.
19 Jan 2010
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Bing continues to make search inroads

The latest comScore figures show Google still has a near-two thirds majority of the US search market, but Bing has halved its deficit to Yahoo in seco…
18 Jan 2010
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Google denies it has shut Chinese offices

More rumours and speculation as Google and China enter the second week of their standoff.
18 Jan 2010
public sector

Year in Review: Tech mergers and acquisitions in 2009

We take a look back at the biggest deals in the tech industry throughout 2009.
24 Dec 2009
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'Sex' makes list of top search terms for children

The term is the ninth most searched term for children under seven, but doesn't make the top 20 for older teens.
17 Dec 2009
Google clock
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Google counting down the seconds till the new year

Search engine Google's latest bit of fun tells you how many seconds are left in the noughties – if you're feeling lucky.
15 Dec 2009
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Google Goggles offer search by sight for Android users

Google has upgraded mobile search with location, voice and sight tools.
8 Dec 2009
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Google goes real-time with search

Google adds more social networking content to its searches.
8 Dec 2009
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Search giants unveil top terms of 2009

Michael Jackson's death led many to turn to their search engines for solace, according to Google's end of year search trends ranking.
2 Dec 2009
Online news
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Google to limit free news on publishers' behalf

Free news content is taking another hit as Google agrees new article limitations with publishers.
2 Dec 2009
new Google
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Google goes blue with new homepage

A new version of the Google homepage has gone public after a website published a hack to use it.
27 Nov 2009
Business strategy

Microsoft Bing review

Microsoft has taken its Bing search engine out of beta. The tag-line? ‘Search has evolved’ - Bold claims. We review Bing UK to see how it fares compar…
16 Nov 2009
Bing UK
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Microsoft takes Bing out of beta in UK

Contrary to recent reports hinting at delays, Microsoft is confident its Bing search portal is ready for prime time in the UK.
13 Nov 2009