Security Appliances

ProSecure UTM10 (Netgear)
virtual private network (VPN)

Netgear ProSecure UTM10 review

Netgear’s ProSecure UTM10 aims to offer small businesses a complete appliance security solution at a very tempting price. Is it too good to be true? I…
17 May 2010
WatchGuard XCS-770

WatchGuard XCS-770 review

WatchGuard makes a big play for the web and message content security market with its new XCS appliance family. In this review we see how the mid-range…
26 Feb 2010
Netgear ProSecure STM300

Netgear ProSecure STM300

Netgear moves firmly into the web and message content security market with a family of three appliances. The STM300 looks good value and in this exclu…
29 Jan 2010
Business strategy

FaceTime Communications USG530 - web filtering appliance

Controlling IM and P2P apps in the workplace is a serious problem, but FaceTime goes where UTM appliances fear to tread as nothing slips under its rad…
8 Mar 2009

Check Point buys up Nokia’s security appliances

A 12-year collaborative effort ends with Check Point taking over Nokia’s portfolio and making it its own.
24 Dec 2008

Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance NG-6000S

Online threats are getting ever more sophisticated. Does Finjan’s web content security appliance have enough craft to stay one step ahead?
24 Jun 2008
email delivery

Sophos ES4000 Security Appliance

The hardware is a tad pricey but this messaging security appliance from Sophos is a winner for its anti-spam capabilities as it's capable of deliverin…
27 Dec 2007

Security appliance spawns managed service

St. Bernard Software releases new, on-demand reporting to enable mix and match IT security provision.
31 Oct 2007
Server & storage

Security appliances

IT Pro Guide: So what is a security appliance, really? Our security expert, Ambrose McNevin looks under the hood of the increasingly lucrative securit…
24 May 2006