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Half of UK businesses suffer from a basic cyber security skills gap

Government report suggests skills in areas such as configuring firewalls and removing malware are sorely lacking
12 Mar 2020
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Taking the road less travelled to a career in IT

With 4 million jobs sitting unfilled, the industry is becoming more open to recruiting people from a non-tech background
26 Feb 2020
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CompTIA challenges North West’s digital skills shortage with free IT boot camp

Around 90% of IT job roles are unfilled, says VP of Skills Certification
4 Feb 2020

Fixing tech's image problem

How to get the next generation of workers on board with the next generation of technology
19 Mar 2019
Newspaper advert showing job vacancies
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A third of IT pros will seek new roles in 2018

Millennials are most likely to be seeking new opportunities
15 Dec 2017
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Bridging the UK's digital skills gap

The lack of STEM skills in the UK is a serious challenge to business, but not an insurmountable one
1 Dec 2017
Server & storage

Why the mainframe is still going strong

Despite predictions of its demise at the hands of cloud, mainframe is still widely used. But it's now facing a new threat
20 Nov 2017