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chief executive officer (CEO)

Michael Seibel to replace Alexis Ohanian on Reddit board of directors

Ohanian resigned last week, asked Reddit to elect a black board member to his seat
10 Jun 2020
facebook at work

Facebook launches Messenger app for desktop

Facebook Messenger now available for macOS and Windows
3 Apr 2020
social media marketing

What is Facebook advertising and Facebook ads?

We explain why Facebook advertising is a good idea for your business
23 Jul 2019
Server & storage

MySpace’s migration mishap should be a warning to others

The social network’s woes illustrate the dangers of a poorly-planned migration
19 Mar 2019

Why Facebook will plunge us into a Digital Dark Age

Our slapdash attitude to archiving risks erasing our own history
13 Mar 2019
LinkedIn on a mobile device

Hackers abuse LinkedIn DMs to plant malware

Fake jobs offers fool unsuspecting users into installing More_eggs back door
25 Feb 2019
Zuckerberg looking worried
Policy & legislation

Gov to hold talks with Mark Zuckerberg over tech regulation

Culture secretary will use the 30-minute meeting to explore ways to remove harmful content from social media
21 Feb 2019
Twitter logo on mobile phone

How to use Twitter analytics: start sharing like the pros

Here’s how to make the most of Twitter’s data analysis tools - and why you need to
21 Feb 2019
Lego builders dismantling the Facebook logo
Policy & legislation

Media and telco consortium calls for social media regulation

Companies including Channel 4, BT and the BBC urge the government to place firms like Facebook under greater oversight
3 Sep 2018
Network & Internet

Twitter clamps down on abuse and hate

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has promised a "more aggressive stance” on abusive tweets - and he's already made his first culls
19 Dec 2017