network attached storage (NAS)

Synology RackStation RS1619xs+ review: One of the fastest appliances around

This powerhouse 1U rack NAS is the perfect choice for business backup, data protection and file sharing
10 Jun 2020
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology SA3200D review: Storage duality for SMBs

Synology delivers affordable highly available storage, although automatic failover isn’t transparent
1 May 2020
Server & storage

Synology UC3200 review: Reliable IP SANs at a rock bottom price

Synology’s first active/active storage array delivers perfect failover
30 Mar 2020
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology RackStation RS820RP+ review: Powerful, but pricey

A slimline rack NAS with a fair turn of speed and superb data-protection features – it’s not cheap, though
13 Feb 2020
Server & storage

Synology FlashStation FS3400: Same old, same old

Synology’s latest SMB all-Flash appliance gets a rebadge but no upgrade
9 Jan 2020

The IT Pro Products of the Year 2019: All the year’s best hardware

Our favourite equipment from the past 12 months
24 Dec 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DVA3219 review: An ideal CCTV system

A smart surveillance solution with clever video analytics tools
28 Nov 2019
flash storage

Synology FlashStation FS6400 review: A powerful flash player

A mighty Xeon Scalable AFA with great performance
23 Oct 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology SA3400 review: A big NAS for big businesses

A powerful performer with a high storage capacity and backup features galore
4 Sep 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DiskStation DS2419+ review:

A big capacity and data protection apps to match, the DS2419+ is the perfect backup vault for SMBs
15 Apr 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DiskStation DS1819+ review: A classic, reborn

A fast and affordable desktop NAS that’s the perfect choice for business backup duties
15 Feb 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DiskStation DS1618+ review

A well-priced and powerful desktop NAS with a ton of business features and support for 10-Gigabit upgrades
4 Jan 2019
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DS218 review: A budget business belter

All the software features of a high-end NAS at an attractive, entry-level price
17 Jul 2018
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DS918+ review

Not the fastest around, but this feature-packed NAS makes a brilliant addition to any home or office
3 Jul 2018
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology RackStation RS2818RP+ review

Mixed performance but this feature-rich NAS appliance offers SMEs a huge storage capacity at a great price
18 Apr 2018
Server & storage

Synology RackStation RS818+ review

Synology’s latest 1U rack NAS appliance claims a performance boost with 10GbE upgrades
20 Feb 2018
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DS216j review

For those who don’t want to pay for bells and whistles, this cost-effective little box covers all the basics
11 Jan 2018