Women in tech

cyber security

Trend Micro and Girls in Tech join forces to tackle the tech gender gap

The partnership will offer cyber security training to females around the globe
2 Jul 2020
Data & insights

The IT Pro Podcast: Bridging the gender data gap

Biases in data sets are a major hurdle to developing effective products and services. How can we fix the problem?
5 Jun 2020
Business strategy

Is it time to get rid of women in tech?

With International Women’s Day taking place this weekend, perhaps it’s time to reexamine the way we think about gender in the industry
6 Mar 2020
Careers & training

Women earn a fifth less than men in tech industry, PwC reports

Only one in five of ICT graduates are female
5 Mar 2020
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How women in cloud are challenging the narrative

Although the skies are gloomy for women in tech, the cloud may be a silver lining
5 Mar 2020
Three women at work
Careers & training

Proportion of women in tech roles ‘flatlining’

Although women now occupy a million STEM roles, the percentage of women in tech has barely risen since 2009
5 Dec 2019
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The IT Pro Podcast: How upskilling can improve diversity

We explore how to plug your skills gap and address inequalities at the same time
15 Nov 2019
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Oracle underpaid women and minorities by over $400m, US says

Complaint claims Silicon Valley giant prefers hiring Asian students so it can underpay them
23 Jan 2019
Diverse people
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CEO Antonio Neri wants to address HPE's diversity imbalance

Neri reaffirms commitment to inclusivity, but statistics show there's plenty of room to improve
20 Jun 2018
Women in STEM
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Less than 1% of girls study Computer Science at A-Level

The number of women studying Computer Science dwindles
12 Apr 2018
Business strategy

Microsoft accused of inaction on 238 discrimination claims

Redmond faces potential class-action lawsuit over handling of discrimination and harassment claims
14 Mar 2018
Careers & training

Hiring more women could boost the UK economy by £8.5tn

We need more than pay cuts to close the gender pay gap and data could be the key to solving the problem
8 Mar 2018
Careers & training

Equality: Are we nearly there yet?

Equal pay for equal work doesn’t seem like a big ask, but it remains a big problem
8 Mar 2018
Careers & training

Trainline and Code First: Girls open women in tech programme

Initiative focuses on training more women in coding and providing them with mentors
7 Mar 2018
Careers & training

In 2018 women in tech will value transparency above all else

The time for words and gestures is gone — now it's time for action
7 Mar 2018
Careers & training

Women in Tech Employer Awards open for nominations

The awards will take place in June
2 Mar 2018
Business strategy

Awards celebrate 2017's women in tech

Software engineers, developers, security experts, students and lecturers were all recognised for their achievements
12 Dec 2017
chief information officer (CIO)

'Sobering' diversity figures in IT must improve, says BCS

Women make up just 17% of tech workforce, figures show
4 Dec 2017
Careers & training

Tech firms commit to diversity with Tech Talent Charter

The Charter now has 90 signatories, as well as new funding from DCMS
23 Nov 2017
Business strategy

TechWomen50 Awards releases 100-strong shortlist

Women in tech shortlist recognises the achievements of techies across Britain
6 Nov 2017

Uber's HR chief hasn't met with whistleblowing engineer

Liane Hornsey says there'd be no benefit in meeting with Susan Fowler - report
10 Oct 2017
Careers & training

Race a bigger factor in tech's glass ceiling than gender

But it's especially hard to get promoted in Silicon Valley if you're a minority woman, report notes
3 Oct 2017
Business strategy

Uber's ex-CEO appoints two new directors to its board

Kalanick is trying to to take preemptive action ahead of a new board proposal
2 Oct 2017