artificial intelligence (AI)

Why transparency is key to promoting trust in artificial intelligence

Breaking open the black box with explainable AI is the first step in making the technology fairer for all
27 Mar 2020
machine learning

Is AI workplace monitoring helpful or harmful?

Clock cards and sign-in sheets have been replaced by algorithms that can predict working habits
24 Mar 2020
augmented reality (AR)

Mixed Reality: How to augment your IT

Augmented reality has been rapidly maturing. How will this technology transform businesses?
24 Mar 2020
content management system (CMS)whitepaper

The IT expert’s guide to AI and content management

Your guide to the biggest opportunities for IT teams when it comes to AI and content management
23 Mar 2020
content management system (CMS)whitepaper

How a cloud-native CMS makes content delivery faster and easier

Deliver the experiences your customers expect by moving to a modern, cloud-native content management foundation
23 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Intel’s neuromorphic computing system learns like a human

Intel's new neuromorphic chip-powered system is a massive leap for artificial intelligence
19 Mar 2020

Bitcoin crashes by 40% as volatility soars

“Volatility is not an issue — it’s whether the technology can deal with the volatility," says BeQuant head of research
19 Mar 2020

What is hyperautomation and how will it transform business?

This new way of managing and executing processes and tasks promises to shake up every business sector
18 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Coronavirus forces social media to rely heavily on AI moderation

The pandemic has put social media’s automated takedown software to the test - with some room for error
17 Mar 2020
smart city

£90 million ‘future transport zones’ will fuel UK smart cities

Smart city projects include using drones to deliver medical supplies and data to smarten up bus routes
16 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

When it comes to AI, the EU is a very small fish in a very big pond

Recent proposals around the regulation of artificial intelligence show just how irrelevant the EU has become
13 Mar 2020
smart city

Smart motorways aren’t smart enough

Free sat-nav apps could limit the dangers of so-called smart motorways, says Barry Collins
8 Mar 2020
digital currency

What is Libra? A guide to Facebook's cryptocurrency

Users will soon be able to send and receive payments across Facebook and WhatsApp
5 Mar 2020

HPE partners with AMD for El Capitan nuclear weapons supercomputer

The system, set to protect the US nuclear stockpile, will boast performance greater than two exaflops
5 Mar 2020
Careers & training

Top 15 tech companies to work for in the US

Enjoy your job and earn a great salary with these top-rated tech companies
4 Mar 2020
digital currency

Facebook to reconsider its Libra cryptocurrency

The social media giant is hoping to save the fledgeling digital coin
4 Mar 2020
Data & insightswhitepaper

How organisations unlock their data capital with artificial intelligence

The thoughtful application of AI offers hope to organisations looking for actionable insight
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Google parent Alphabet wants to protect the ocean with 'fish recognition'

The X experimental division’s Tidal team aims to make fish farming more sustainable with cutting-edge tech
2 Mar 2020
cryptocurrency exchange

CoronaCoin cryptocurrency allows traders to bet on coronavirus deaths

The cryptocurrency has been slammed as an immoral attempt at monetising the coronavirus outbreak
2 Mar 2020
machine learningwhitepaper

Enabling enterprise machine and deep learning with intelligent storage

The power of AI can only be realised through efficient and performant delivery of data
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Microsoft and IBM back Pope’s pledge for ethical AI

Pope previously warned Silicon Valley that unethical AI may lead to "unfortunate regression to a form of barbarism'"
28 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

London police chief calls for AI legal framework

The Metropolitan Police started using live facial recognition in January
25 Feb 2020

Facebook will pay for user data to boost speech recognition technology

The company’s days of reviewing voice messages without consent may be over
21 Feb 2020