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Black Friday deals: HTC Vive bundle with Fallout 4 and Doom VR for £599

An excellent bundle for the HTC Vive is set to drop on Black Friday

HTC Vive's virtual-reality kit is getting a price reduction over the Black Friday period, with deals on accessories, games and app subscriptions.

Black Friday HTC Vive bundle

Running between 24 and 27 November, HTC Vive will be offering a tempting bundle on the VR headset, alongside two major games.

HTC Vive + Deluxe Audio Strap + Fallout 4 VR + DOOM VR for 599.

The sale hasn't started yet, but when it goes live on 24 November you'll be able to pick it up from Vive, or from, Game, Scan, OverClockers and Littlewoods.

Taken altogether, the bundle is a saving of 150. We played DOOM VR and had a lot of fun, and Fallout 4 is a sprawling adventure through a post-apocalyptic version of Boston. It's worth noting that DOOM VR launches on 1 December, and Fallout 4 VR launches on 12 December, so you'll need to wait until then to dive in.

Viveport Black Friday deals

Running between 22 and 27 November, HTC Vive's VR app store (Viveport) is cutting prices for pre-paid subscriptions, as well as offering up to 75% off Vive studio titles. If you're thinking about the former, Viveport will see you receive five apps or games per month over the course of a subscription. The deals on pre-purchased plans are:

  • Three-month subscription -- 12.99 (35% saving)
  • Six-month subscription -- 19.99 (50% saving)
  • 12-month subscription -- 29.99 (63% saving)

If you opt for the 12-month subscription, for example, you'll be able to access 60 apps or games over that period. For more info, and to see deals for individual titles, head to from 22 November. HTC Vive says it will also give 100% of profits from new subscriptions to its developers over the Christmas season.

For more information on the HTC Vive, check out our in-depth review. For more November deals, head over to our main Black Friday page.

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