artificial intelligence (AI)


Storage for AI: The fast track from ingest to insights

How and why to build a strong IT infrastructure foundation
29 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)

Go champion quits because of "unbeatable" AI

Despite beating DeepMind's AlphaGo in 2016, Lee Se-Dol doesn't think a human can do it again
28 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)

European Commission's new president pledges action on AI

Ursula von der Leyen calls for GDPR-style legislation on artificial intelligence
28 Nov 2019

How AI and machine learning can simplify your digital transformation

We look at how financial services can benefit from advances in AI technology
26 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)

If you’re cynical about AI, I second that emotion

To understand why robots won’t rule the world, it helps to have a basic understanding of biology and consciousness
24 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)

How to make AI work for you

We look at how artificial intelligence in apps and software can make your life easier
22 Nov 2019

How AI and automation are changing the way work gets done

Intelligent automation will be a defining factor for the future workforce
15 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)whitepaper

Top trends and opportunities in AI for retail and CPG

Your path to enterprise AI
15 Nov 2019
data centreswhitepaper

Artificially intelligent data centres

How the C-Suite is embracing continuous change to drive value
15 Nov 2019
Silhouettes of a team of office workers with a blue technology overlay to represent the future
Careers & training

What does the future of work look like?

How remote working, automation and AI will affect the way we work
13 Nov 2019
Apple Card
artificial intelligence (AI)

Apple co-founder Wozniak echoes sexist Apple Card allegation

Consumers claim Apple credit limits are ten times larger for men
11 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)

How AI can save bananas... and deliver our shopping

AI is helping farmers spot disease and food manufacturers create new recipes, as well as streamlining shopping and making our food tastier
4 Nov 2019
Drone flying at a jonty angle

Police Scotland deploys drone fleet to find missing people

The emergency services outfit is the latest to adopt the unmanned aerial technology to help with rescue missions
4 Nov 2019
Robot chatbot employees in a call centre powered by AI
artificial intelligence (AI)

Is a bot your next employee?

As AI continues to evolve rapidly, will bots become an essential part of your business' workforce?
31 Oct 2019
People being guided into seperate directions
artificial intelligence (AI)

Streaming AI for visa applications is biased

The Home Office is facing a legal challenge over a "secret" algorithm used to filter immigration candidates
30 Oct 2019
finger above Facebook icon
artificial intelligence (AI)

Facebook’s reliance on AI threatens Muslim minorities

Tech isn’t stopping violent rhetoric on Facebook, and Zuckerberg refuses to correct false political ads, claims Avaaz
29 Oct 2019
Facebook AI
artificial intelligence (AI)

Facebook’s AI research aims to boost privacy

The system subtly distorts images in videos to hinder image recognition systems
29 Oct 2019
Business operations

Seeing double: The rise of the digital twin

Industrial giants are pioneering the use of this technology to optimise maintenance, improve operations and generate cost savings
21 Oct 2019

Why you don’t need 5G – or a phone

Could the best way to make calls be to avoid a handset altogether?
20 Oct 2019
chief information officer (CIO)

AI the most critical technology for CIOs in the next 5 years

60% of CIOs believe artificial intelligence and machine learning are the top critical future technologies
8 Oct 2019
Business strategy

Machine learning vs AI

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are fundamentally different technologies
28 Sep 2019
machine learning

What are the pros and cons of AI?

We weigh up the benefits and the negatives of the technology that's already changing business
25 Sep 2019
neural network

What is deep learning?

We look at the phenomenon behind some of today's most advanced AI
25 Sep 2019