Oncotech launches the first-ever mobile cancer screening tool

Oncotech's real-time cancer diagnostic tool lets you check for cancer right from your smartphone

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Oncotech‌ ‌Nordic‌ ‌AB has developed a mobile cancer diagnosis tool that can spot precancerous symptoms and underlying cancer-related diseases.

Dubbed Ophtascan, the real-time screening and detection system can also identify all four stages of cancer and targeted oncological diseases in the human body.

"By simply using their own smartphone devices, users can photograph their iris, and upload the image to Oncotech's server," said Oncotech.

Oncotech's artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic and deep learning system then sends the results back to the user. All of this happens in under 25 seconds.

"People will be able to self-diagnose for pre-cancerous and targeted existing cancerous conditions via a smartphone in-real time. The process is quick, on demand, cost effective - and does not overload the public health care diagnostic system unnecessarily, hence eliminating patient cancer screening waiting lists," explained Andre Rafnsson, Oncotech CEO.

Ophtascan can screen for lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer in its current version.

Ophtascan was validated last year following tests on 800 oncology patients over three years. The tool's scanning precision hit a reported 96% success rate. Rafnsson anticipates reaching a 98-99% precision scanning rate by the third quarter of 2021.

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Furthermore, a new study is underway to determine whether Ophtascan tests can provide early warning signs for Type 2 diabetes.

"Our patent is now pending for the software and design algorithms. We have diligently started discussions with several telemedicine and remote health diagnostic business partners in Europe, North America and Asia with a view to license the Ophtascan™ technology," added Rafnsson.

"Technically advanced businesses can see the potential impact of this breakthrough in increased positive medical outcomes for patients. Many factors determine cancer survival rate, and early detection is one of the most significant determinants. Ophtascan ™ is precise, quick, well documented and is highly cost-effective."

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