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Twitter restricts President Trump's tweet for "abusive behavior"

Trump tweeted that any “Autonomous Zone” in Washington DC will be ”met with serious force”
24 Jun 2020
Donald Trump gurning
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Trump tweet hit with a manipulated media warning label

Twitter and Facebook take action against social media posts from President Donald Trump
19 Jun 2020
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Twitter discloses removal of state-linked information operations

Includes accounts from People’s Republic of China, Russia and Turkey
12 Jun 2020
Donald Trump
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Twitter disables Trump tweet due to copyright issues

Trump versus Twitter saga continues after Twitter disables video tribute to George Floyd
5 Jun 2020
Policy & legislation

Tech group challenges President Trump's social media executive

CDT accuses Trump of violating the First Amendment
5 Jun 2020
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Twitter taps ex-Google CFO Pichette as board chairman

Omid Jordestani will remain on the board as director
3 Jun 2020
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Twitter now allows its users to disable replies

Twitter combats toxicity by allowing users to choose who can respond to tweets
29 May 2020
social media

Social media and the death of truth

Facebook and Twitter have corrupted public discourse - it’s their responsibility to put it right
29 May 2020
Trump at press conference
Policy & legislation

Does Trump have the power to shut down social media companies?

Trump claims he can shut down social media companies, but that isn’t necessarily true
29 May 2020
Donald Trump
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Trump’s leaked executive order targets social media companies

Trump drafts executive order in response to Twitter’s labeling of misleading tweets
28 May 2020
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Twitter hires former Google VP and AI expert Fei-Fei Li

Twitter expects Li to attract AI talent and innovation
12 May 2020
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Twitter bans 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts

The social media network accused supporter accounts of ‘platform manipulation’
23 Feb 2020
Twitter logo on mobile phone

How to use Twitter analytics: start sharing like the pros

Here’s how to make the most of Twitter’s data analysis tools - and why you need to
21 Feb 2019
Lego builders dismantling the Facebook logo
Policy & legislation

Media and telco consortium calls for social media regulation

Companies including Channel 4, BT and the BBC urge the government to place firms like Facebook under greater oversight
3 Sep 2018
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Twitter: 'We do not shadow ban'

The social media site responds to President Trump's inflammatory tweet with an explainer
27 Jul 2018
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How to get more followers on Twitter - and why you should

Having a social media profile is essential for any business - here's how you can grow yours
23 Jul 2018

Twitter alerts uses after finding password-revealing bug

The company is advising users to reset their passwords 'in the interests of caution'
4 May 2018
Network & Internet

Twitter clamps down on abuse and hate

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has promised a "more aggressive stance” on abusive tweets - and he's already made his first culls
19 Dec 2017
Business strategy

A penny for your tweets

Barry Collins comes up with a likeable way Twitter can solve its cash crisis
4 Nov 2017
public sector

Rogue Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump's account

The US President's personal Twitter account seemingly disappeared on Thursday
3 Nov 2017
Network & Internet

Russia Today and Sputnik banned from advertising on Twitter

The ban follows alleged interference in the US election
27 Oct 2017
Business strategy

National Lottery apologises after social media mishap

Users exploit Twitter stunt to leave messages like "Justice for Saville"
15 Aug 2017
public sector

Facebook launches UK initiative to tackle online hate speech

The Online Civil Courage Initiative will help organisations fight extremist content
23 Jun 2017