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An iPhone user activating Siri
voice assistant

Apple axes 300 ‘Siri eavesdropping’ contractors in Ireland

Workers in Cork see contracts terminated after the company pledges changes to the 'grading' project
29 Aug 2019
voice assistant

NatWest trials voice banking in the UK

Customers will be able to use a Google Home to access their accounts
12 Aug 2019
voice recognition

Is the UK headed towards a voice tech skills shortage?

Report predicts voice tech will be integral to future businesses, but firms will struggle to meet rising skills demand
21 Nov 2018
machine learning

Microsoft buys conversational AI startup Semantic Machines

Machine learning firm to make Cortana and Azure Bot Services better at chatting
21 May 2018
machine learning

Microsoft wants to make Azure your AI destination

Developers get more tools to build AI in the cloud and at the edge, plus Microsoft 365 customisation
8 May 2018
voice recognition and commands
voice recognition

The rise of voice search in 2017

Voice search has been revealed as one of Gartner’s top tech trends of 2017, but what is it and why will it become so big?
21 May 2017