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How to take a screenshot in Chrome

Chrome offers several ways to capture a screenshot, but extensions add even more features
8 Jul 2020
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Why I’m leading a browser double life

There are benefits to using more than one browser
8 Jul 2020
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Don't like Chromium Edge? Here's how to revive the old Edge

Microsoft’s forced update to new Edge rubbed some people the wrong way
7 Jul 2020
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How to enable private browsing on any browser

Whether it's Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, here’s how to enable private browsing on every major browser
7 Jul 2020
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Google Chrome 86 update could add 28% to your battery life

Update may throttle background tabs so Chrome hogs less battery
6 Jul 2020
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Microsoft will start forced updates for business devices this month

Microsoft will upgrade Microsoft Edge Legacy to the new Microsoft Edge browser starting 30 July
3 Jul 2020
Policy & legislation

Google-Apple search engine deal under fire from regulators

The Competition and Markets Authority has called for better legislation to regulate large technology companies
2 Jul 2020
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Malicious extensions target Chrome users

Google removed more than 70 malicious add-ons from Chrome as a result
19 Jun 2020
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Google experiments with shorter URLs to combat phishing

Tech giant is pushing ahead with plans to clip URL in Chrome to help users spot malicious websites
15 Jun 2020
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Google releases Chrome 83 with enhanced privacy controls

Update introduces third-party cookie-blocking in Incognito and DNS-over-HTTPs support
20 May 2020
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Vivaldi 3.0 features built-in tracker blocker powered by DuckDuckGo tech

Vivaldi Android app comes out of beta too
22 Apr 2020
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What is HTTP error 503 and how do you fix it?

It may not always be obvious what's causing the issue, but there are steps you can take to get back online
21 Apr 2020
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Google announces critical Chrome flaw, urging immediate updates

Secret flaw pushes Google to roll out Chrome updates for Windows, Mac and Linux
20 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Mozilla re-hires veteran Mitchell Baker to serve as CEO

The interim chair and CEO formally rejoins the organisation after Chris Beard stepped down in December 2019
9 Apr 2020
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Google halts controversial Chrome update in wake of coronavirus outbreak

Google rolls back SameSite cookie changes to avoid breaking the internet
6 Apr 2020
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Microsoft's Edge now more popular than Firefox for the first time

Major changes, and a pivot to businesses, sees the Chromium-powered web browser leapfrog its rival
3 Apr 2020
Private files

What is private browsing?

Private-browsing capabilities are baked into the internet browsers you use everyday. Here's why it's important
2 Apr 2020
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What is Microsoft Edge? Everything you need to know

Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer has quite a few things to recommend it
2 Apr 2020
Best browsers
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Google Chrome vs Firefox vs Microsoft Edge

We put the web's three best browsers head to head. So which one comes out on top?
26 Mar 2020
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Microsoft halts Edge browser updates in light of coronavirus pandemic

The Redmond company follows in the footsteps of Google with shelved updates
24 Mar 2020

Microsoft Edge branded as ‘worrisome’ for user privacy

Research claims the web browser sends telemetry data and URLs to back-end servers
18 Mar 2020
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Google Chrome makes computer-sharing safer with default-to-guest feature

Protect multi-user computers by defaulting Google Chrome to guest mode
12 Mar 2020
Domain Name System (DNS)

Firefox activates DNS over HTTPS for US users by default

The privacy push, which encrypts all web traffic, has angered ISPs and regulators
26 Feb 2020