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Google rolls back controversial Chrome update in wake of coronavirus outbreak

Google rolls back SameSite cookie changes to avoid breaking the internet
6 Apr 2020
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Microsoft's Edge now more popular than Firefox for the first time

Major changes, and a pivot to businesses, sees the Chromium-powered web browser leapfrog its rival
3 Apr 2020
Private files

What is private browsing?

Private-browsing capabilities are baked into the internet browsers you use everyday. Here's why it's important
2 Apr 2020
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What is Microsoft Edge? Everything you need to know

Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer has quite a few things to recommend it
2 Apr 2020
Best browsers
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Google Chrome vs Firefox vs Microsoft Edge

We put the web's three best browsers head to head. So which one comes out on top?
26 Mar 2020
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Microsoft halts Edge browser updates in light of coronavirus pandemic

The Redmond company follows in the footsteps of Google with shelved updates
24 Mar 2020

Microsoft Edge branded as ‘worrisome’ for user privacy

Research claims the web browser sends telemetry data and URLs to back-end servers
18 Mar 2020
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Google Chrome eases computer sharing with default-to-guest ability

Protect multi-user computers by defaulting Google Chrome to guest mode
12 Mar 2020
Domain Name System (DNS)

Firefox activates DNS over HTTPS for US users by default

The privacy push, which encrypts all web traffic, has angered ISPs and regulators
26 Feb 2020
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Google purges 500 harmful Chrome extensions from its Web Store

The extensions injected aggressive, infectious advertisements into millions of users’ browsers
14 Feb 2020
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Microsoft developer declares it's time to ditch IE for Edge

IE developer wants users to let the Explorer "retire to the great bitbucket in the sky"
23 Jan 2020
Firefox offices
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Firefox Voice trial begins in beta

Mozilla has started sending invites to the beta of its Firefox Voice extension
13 Jan 2020
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What is HTTP error 503 and how do you fix it?

It may not always be obvious what's causing the issue, but there are steps you can take to get back online
7 Jan 2020
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Businesses can block Chromium-powered Edge rollout

Microsoft gears up for the Microsoft Edge relaunch as developers are invited to submit browser extensions
17 Dec 2019
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Hundreds of counterfeit shoe sites hit by Magecart credit card scam

Criminals hope to take advantage of those looking for a pre-Christmas deal
12 Dec 2019
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Latest Chrome release offers breach password check and tab freezing

Version 79 rolls out a suite of security features as well as tools like back-forward cache
11 Dec 2019
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Google announces plans to flag slow-loading websites

Implementation of the plans could seriously hurt a website's ability to attract business
12 Nov 2019
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Microsoft just reinvented its Edge browser

The shift signals an attempt to remain relevant following a move to Chromium
5 Nov 2019
Google Android

Android gets new security sandboxing features

Google brings mobile site isolation to Chrome to protect against ‘Spectre-like’ attacks
18 Oct 2019
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Firefox now blocks third-party trackers by default

Enhanced Tracking Protection, turned on by default, also blocks cryptominers and fingerprinting scripts
3 Sep 2019
Microsoft Edge
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Why Chromium-powered Edge could be a gamechanger

Might this be the tipping point that finally brings us a common platform across all desktops?
25 Aug 2019
Google privacy
Network & Internet

Google announces privacy initiative to combat fingerprinting

Company claims a compromise must be struck to retain a free and open internet
23 Aug 2019
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The majority of Chrome users only use these 13 extensions

Figures show 87% of all extensions have fewer than 1,000 installs
5 Aug 2019