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Firefox now blocks third-party trackers by default

Enhanced Tracking Protection, turned on by default, also blocks cryptominers and fingerprinting scripts
3 Sep 2019
Microsoft Edge
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Why Chromium-powered Edge could be a gamechanger

Might this be the tipping point that finally brings us a common platform across all desktops?
25 Aug 2019
Google privacy
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Google announces privacy initiative to combat fingerprinting

Company claims a compromise must be struck to retain a free and open internet
23 Aug 2019
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The majority of Chrome users only use these 13 extensions

Figures show 87% of all extensions have fewer than 1,000 installs
5 Aug 2019
Network & Internet

Kazakh government will intercept the nation’s HTTPS traffic

The latest authoritarian attempt to regulate web usage involves launching MitM attacks against every citizen
19 Jul 2019
Network & Internet

This Chrome add-on kills its worst CPU-guzzling tendencies

Cryptomining and in-browser malware will be blocked by an added layer of defence
17 Jul 2019
Firefox offices
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Mozilla branded a ‘villain’ for DNS over HTTPS support

Privacy group ridicules ISPA nomination and claims it's "a bit like saying peanut butter is evil"
5 Jul 2019
Web URLs
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What is an ASPX file?

We look at what this web file does and how it can be viewed...
4 Jul 2019
wireless router
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Users advised to shift Wi-Fi band from 2.4Ghz to 5.0Ghz

The performance of 2.4GHz connections are weaker despite assumptions this band is better for range
4 Jul 2019
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What is a PNG file?

We explain what a portable networks graphic (PNG) is, plus how to edit and convert this type of file
26 Jun 2019
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Mozilla teases subscription-based Firefox release

Premium VPN and secure storage features among privacy-centric add-ons touted for the web browser
11 Jun 2019
Chrome and Edge

Chromium-powered Edge preview released into the wild

Microsoft has unveiled early versions of its new-look Edge browser
9 Apr 2019
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Slew of vulnerabilities detected in HTTPS

Alexa ranked sites have potentially exploitable TLS vulnerabilities
29 Mar 2019
Firefox 66
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Mozilla unveils Firefox 66 update with a suite of tweaks

Better management of disruptive adverts, as well as improved syncing and search functions have been added into the browser
20 Mar 2019
DuckDuckGo in Chrome
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Google adds pro-privacy search engine DuckDuckGo into Chrome

French privacy search engine Qwant has also been tagged on in some territories
18 Mar 2019
Firefox Send
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Mozilla launches Firefox Send to all users

The file sharing platform avoids the cloud to make sure it keeps files safe and secure
13 Mar 2019
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Want to avoid the Chrome monopoly? Switch to Firefox

Firefox isn't perfect, but I'll be using it until Google ends its data-slurping
2 Mar 2019
Chrome and Edge
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How to combine the best of Edge and Chrome

Edge will soon start using Chrome's code, but other Microsoft and Google tools already work well together
7 Feb 2019
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Mozilla details anti-tracking policies in full

The measures aim to mitigate the ‘harmful’ effects of ad tracking in the latest Firefox release
29 Jan 2019
Microsoft Edge browser as a download
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Microsoft Edge Browser adopts Chrome-based code

Edge will be rebuilt to run on Chromium to be more compatible with web technologies
7 Dec 2018

Google to lock down Chrome extensions

Chrome Web Store apps will be subject to tighter controls
2 Oct 2018
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Mozilla will now block tracking by default

Tracking blockers will be implemented across all websites automatically
7 Sep 2018
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Chrome 69 gets better password protection and a redesign

The major update marks the product's ten-year anniversary
6 Sep 2018
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Firefox to block ad tracking by default in privacy revamp

Mozilla’s three-pronged approach aims to improve page loading times and bolster user privacy
31 Aug 2018