Firefox 29 released to desktop users

Firefox 29 and Firefox for Android both feature a new homescreen design and sharing features


Mozilla has launched Firefox 29 and Firefox for Android - the most customisable versions of the browser ever, according to the developer.

The beta of Firefox 29 was released in March, but now it's available for everyone and users should see the new update alert arriving soon on Mac and PC.

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Firefox 29 is for desktop and apparently "reflects how you use the web today" with "an elegant and fun design, new menu, customisation mode and an enhanced Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts."

The new design includes new tabs with the one you're using at the front and others fading into the background so it's easy to see which one is in use.

The menu has moved to the right corner of the toolbar, allowing users to access all of their controls including adding a new window, saving a page, printing a page, viewing your history, using full screen mode and finding something on the page.

From here, users can also get new Firefox add-ons to customise the Firefox experience. It is also possible to remove buttons that are not in use and add new shortcuts to the items used most.

It is also possible to move many of the settings onto the toolbar, such as print screen or open new window, just by dragging and dropping and it's the same story for add-ons too. Just drag and drop from the Firefox add-ons page to where you want it to go.

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The star icon can be used to create a new bookmark next to the URL bar, so when you click it, you'll see the page move into the bookmarks folder with a blue flash. This makes it possible for bookmarks to be managed from the main menu.

Firefox Sync allows end users to create an account and share everything - including passwords, open tabs, form data, history and bookmarks - across devices.

Firefox for Android has also been updated to reflect the changes in Firefox desktop, with tabs disappearing from view if not in use.

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