BBC to publish links to articles removed by "Right To Be Forgotten" rule

Broadcaster wants to remind readers of stories hidden by “Right to be Forgotten” rule

Google Sign

The BBC will publish an updated list of URLs that have been removed from Google searches under the "Right To Be Forgotten" rule.

The organisation said it would update the links on a regular basis to keep them up to date, and begin publishing the list in the coming weeks.

The European Court of Justice imposed the "Right To Be Forgotten" ruling on Google and other search engines in May, which allows members of the public to request the removal of search links to articles about them. However, it does not mean publishers have to also remove articles about these people.

Around 12,000 applications were submitted to Google on the very first day the ruling came into force by people asking for links to be removed.

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When Google approves a link for removal, the search giant notifies the websites, which will help the BBC in keeping its list updated.

The BBC's editorial policy head, David Jordan said some BBC articles have been "wrongly hidden" and said the public also has a "right to remember".

Speaking at a public meeting held by Google, Jordan said 46 article links had been removed and hit out at the "lack of a formal appeals process" following the removal of such links.

He said the process should require the identity of the person to be confidentially shared with a publication alongside the request.

The list will not include a republished story or any information identifying the individual requesting the removal. He said the aim of the list is to be a "resource for those interested in the debate."

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