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Windows 10 needs to go back to basics

Remote tech support brings home how appalling Windows is when it comes to the fundamentals
13 Jul 2020
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Virtualise Windows 7 under Windows 10

It isn’t safe to run a Windows 7 PC connected to the internet, but if you don’t want to lose access to your apps and setup this is a cunning workaroun…
5 Jul 2020
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Windows 10 update is causing forced reboots

LSASS failure is affecting computers running Windows 10 version 1809 and later
24 Jun 2020
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Windows 10 21H1 update may include user interface changes

Advanced volume controls and a smaller search bar are included in early previews
23 Jun 2020
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Windows 10 2004 bug breaks Storage Spaces

Microsoft’s latest features update misses some glitches in certain configurations
19 Jun 2020
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How to run Windows on a Mac

Get the best of both operating systems on one computer
12 Jun 2020
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Unlock Windows 10’s secret modes

Some of Windows 10’s most useful features are mysteriously tucked away. We reveal how to find and make the most of the operating system’s hidden ‘mode…
10 Jun 2020

Linux GUI apps coming to Windows 10

Soon you’ll be able to run your favorite GUI apps directly on Windows.
22 May 2020
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Windows 10 May 2020 Update delayed after zero-day discovery

The corruption-reporting bug is among a set of vulnerabilities being ironed out by developers
4 May 2020

Best laptops 2019: Dell, Apple, Acer and more

The best notebooks, ultrabooks, and ultraportables around
29 Apr 2020

How to wipe a laptop easily and securely

Selling your laptop? Make sure that all your sensitive data is gone before it reaches its new owner
21 Apr 2020
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Meet the new Windows PowerToys

Originally an add-on for Windows 95, PowerToys are back for Windows 10. Here’s how you can use them to tweak Windows to suit your preferences and work…
15 Apr 2020
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Make Windows boot faster

Is your PC bogged down by self-launching apps? Here's how to audit and manage everything that runs at startup
9 Apr 2020
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How to switch from Windows 10 to Linux

You can also use Linux alongside Windows 10 for a dual-boot setup
1 Apr 2020
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Windows vs Linux: what's the best operating system?

Can the open-source OS really stand up to Microsoft's enterprise juggernaut?
31 Mar 2020
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How to get help in Windows 10

Find out how to get expert help and support for Windows 10 from Microsoft and others
30 Mar 2020
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17 Windows 10 problems - and how to fix them

Tips covering everything from upgrade issues and freeing up storage, to solving privacy errors and using safe mode
26 Mar 2020
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Windows File History and Backup review: Useful but limited

Windows 10 comes with integrated backup and sync tools, but they aren’t as fully-featured as you might want
25 Mar 2020

Microsoft Edge branded as ‘worrisome’ for user privacy

Research claims the web browser sends telemetry data and URLs to back-end servers
18 Mar 2020

Microsoft accidentally leaks details on a wormable SMB flaw

No patch is currently available for the vulnerability, which has now been publicly acknowledged
11 Mar 2020
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Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: which is best for you?

We rate Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 in a number of key categories for professional users
5 Mar 2020
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How to factory reset Windows 10

If your Windows 10 system isn't playing ball, you can reset it back to its factory conditions
4 Mar 2020
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How to speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 feeling sluggish? Read on for tips and tricks to speed up the OS
4 Mar 2020