Bill Gates: I've switched to Android

Microsoft co-founder ditches Windows Phone

Bill Gates by Masaru Kamikura on Flickr

Bill Gates has revealed that he does not use a phone running his own company's Windows mobile operating system.

Speaking this past Sunday to Fox News, the Microsoft co-founder admitted: "Recently, I actually did switch to an Android phone." But he said he's installed and uses multiple Microsoft apps on his Android device.

Nevertheless, it's quite a step for the man who created his company to use its fierce rival's operating system.

However, Microsoft's phones are not exactly well loved. Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, has struggled to be successful, especially in the face of Android. In fact, in 2016, Windows Phone accounted for less than 1% of global smartphone sales, according to Gartner, despite the company's $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia's handset business in 2014.

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After cutting thousands of jobs from its mobile division in 2016, it appears that Microsoft may quietly retire Windows 10 Mobile OS, its latest mobile operating system, in October as planned.

Microsoft is instead shifting its focus and trying to widen the availability of Microsoft's apps and services to Android and iPhone in order to reach more customers, it is reported.

Ian Fogg, an analyst at the tech consultancy IHS Markit, told the BBC: "It used to be putting the Windows system on everyone's phone was a priority, but now it's about selling services such as Office and Outlook email."

For example, the company started selling its own customised Samsung's Galaxy 8 in the US earlier this year, which comes with Microsoft apps like Outlook, Office, and even Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant.

Picture of Bill Gates/Credit: Masaru Kamikura (Flickr)

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